Company history

The company was established in 1962 by Georgii Paul Pohli, & Hussein EL Rob in London UK, under the name of (Agro Prepharm Pharmacuetical Ltd.). That year the original German brand-name, POHLI was first manufactured in the UK.

On a joint German/British venture Pohli Cream, Pohli Soap, Livio Cream, Pohli After shave, Livio shaving Cream & Pohli Baby Gripe Water, and eastablished its first buisness links with 70% export sale markets and opened its first international sales offices in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordon, Yemen & Sudan.

To take advantage of the better transport links, the manufacturing plant was relocated in 1970 to the Sussex coast town of Eastbourne under a new name of FADEUROPE Ltd. (its present site). Fadeurope is a leading manufacture of hair and skin care products well placed to supply our products throughout the world.