Professional line

Hair colour cream

Hair colour cream

Dye's special formula based on polyoxygenated corn oil, together with an array of treatment substances, gives your hair intense colour and a silky shiny finish. Its wide range of colours is designed to make the professional's job easier and is able to satisfy any creative desire related to colour.

Hair colour cream: 60 ml and 100 ml tube - 64 colours.

Decolouring cream

Decolouring line

These products enable the best results to be obtained when applying Hair Colouring Cream. With a series of components that particularly look after your hair, offering excellent levels of speed and safety.

Protective oil: 250 ml bottle

Stain remover: 250 ml bottle

Stain remover

Cream developer: 10, 20, 30 and 40 volumes - 1000 ml bottle.

Cream developer

Bleaching powder: 500 gm jar.

treatment shampoo

Treatment shampoos

The range of treatment shampoos is especially developed to clean and look after your hair. with a cleaning wash-base that is largely innocuous, a common factor across the line, each shampoo deals with a specific treatment.

Antidandruff shampoo, Frequent use shampoo, Antiloss shampoo, Colour-protecting shampoo for dry hair and Grease hair shampoos: 300 ml and 1000 ml bottle.

Conditioners and Finish

Conditioners and finish

A wide range of products developed so that the professional may have ample choice with which to unleash all his or her creativity in the finished style.

Oleovital - Hair revitalising conditioner: 1000 ml bottle.

Hair conditioner: 250 ml bottle.

Volume hair conditioner: 250 ml bottle.

Intensive mask with sun filter: 300 ml jar and 1000 ml bottle

Moulding gel: 300 ml jar

Cold care lotion

Perms and neutralisers

The perms in this line are designed to cold-curl and wave hair. The formula includes different conditioning components that make the perming process less aggressive for the hair fibre.

waving lotion - strong, normal or light: 500 ml bottle.

neutraliser-fixative: 1000 ml bottle.